Standing at the Ready

The Lord Your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by His love. Zephania 3:17

My daughter, Jocelyn, is very capable and EXTREMELY independent. So, when she had to set up her work space in her room yesterday and log in for her first day of fifth grade Remote Learning, I almost stayed behind, confident she’d be able to handle it.

At the last minute, I followed her up the stairs anyways. As she got everything, and herself, situated, I stood by, fully prepared to help if she asked. Turns out, she never did, but I was there nonetheless.

As I walked back down the stairs, the connection with God became perfectly clear.

God made us perfectly capable to handle whatever comes our way. Nonetheless, He still accompanies us, standing by at all times, fully prepared to help if we ask.

God made us perfectly capable to handle whatever comes our way. Nonetheless, He still accompanies us, standing by at all times, fully prepared to help if we ask.

In fact, I believe that when we do handle things well, we do so with a confidence that comes from unconsciously knowing we have help if we need it. It eliminates the need to worry. If and when we find ourselves in a bind, we know assistance is just a breath and a heartbeat away.

Jocelyn is my youngest, and the example of just how little my kids need me now. But they’ve been my purpose for so long that helping them is second nature, and part of my identity. When they do need me, and I meet that need, there’s a satisfaction that can’t be described. Perhaps the word “fulfilled” comes the closest.

Again, the mirroring of God’s love for us with our love for our children: When we have a need and turn to Him to meet it, I’m certain He too feels a satisfaction so profound, only He could describe it.

Questions for Reflection:

  • How do I feel as my kids grow more independent?
  • How do I feel when I meet a need they still have?

2 thoughts on “Standing at the Ready

  1. Claire, as I looked at your beautiful daughter, Jocelyn, so confident, mature
    and happy as she begins her school work, my first thought was, yes … she’s
    grown with these qualities chiefly because of you, her outstanding mother who has always been there for her. So sort of like osmosis, all of your sterling maternal qualities have nurtured her, and you can rejoice at her independence, which doesn’t mean she’s lost her love and trust for you or won’t turn to you as she matures further, when meeting challenging situations. Just as our Loving Father wants us to use the talents He gave us confidently, but also wants us to be ever aware of His loving, watchful, protective presence which is always with us, you, standing quietly and thoughtfully behind your darling daughter Jocelyn, as she seemingly works independently, couldn’t be a more convincing image of our Father’s faithful Protection, Presence and Love as He watches and hopefully smiles silently at our efforts.


    • Beautifully put, Jackie. I especially love your point about God wanting us to use the talents He gave us with confidence, yet still know He’s right there to help. Therein lies the balance – confidence in ourselves because we have confidence in an ever-faithful, ever-present God!


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