Exciting News!

I’m excited to announce I just became an Ambassador for Living Faith! It’s an inspiring and uplifting daily devotional with some of my most favorite authors (Sr. Bridget Hasse, Melanie Rigney, Kristen Armstrong, etc.). My even bigger news is I begin contributing to this amazing booklet this fall. I have 20 free booklets to give away. If you’re interested, email me at clairemcgarrywrites@gmail.com and I’ll send one along. If you then want to subscribe, I can get you 25% off the $15 a year subscription rate.

8 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. That is so awesome, Claire! That is quite an accomplishment and I am so proud of you! You are an amazing writer and I am so glad you are being recognized. Keep up the good work, you inspire me! 💕


  2. Hi Claire, Where do I go to buy the one you’ll be published in. Gotta keep the publishers in business so no freebie for me.

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    • You’re so kind Elaine. Thank you! Here’s the website: https://www.livingfaith.com/subscribe. It is the Living Faith pocket edition (although they have large print too). It is a quarterly little magazine that will be mailed to you four times a year so you get a reflection every day. If you use the code LF25A1 it should give you a 25% discount. My reflections will appear in the next edition. My editor is so sweet she slotted my first reflection for August 11th, my patron saint’s day. 🙂


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