Today is Book Release Day!!

It’s FINALLY here! The Release Day for my new book Grace in Tension: Discover Peace with Martha and Mary! I NEVER could have reached this point without my amazing editors at Our Sunday Visitor (OSV), Mary Beth Giltner and Rebecca Martin. Their patient guidance and expertise brought this book to a whole new level. I am so grateful for their wisdom and talent.

The other wonderful announcement is my book SOLD OUT on Wednesday – two days before it even released! (No worries if you haven’t purchased your copy yet. The printing press is hard at work getting the 2nd batch ready. You can still order yours today here). That only happened because of my INCREDIBLE Launch Team – a group of over 50 SPECTACULAR women who took on the task of launching this book into the world, despite the busyness in their own lives. It took a village to spread the word about this book and, without a doubt, I have the greatest village ever!

And then there’s you – my readers, who have consistently and lovingly supported me through all the years I’ve been blogging. It’s been your faithful reading and commenting that have lifted me up on the hardest days of making this book a reality. Words cannot express my gratitude!

My goal in writing this book was to fish for more people for God. If you’d be willing to spread the word about it, you’d be helping me cast the net that much farther to bring more people to Him. May God bless you all, and may He transform your tension into grace.

Blessings and grace,


P.S. – To see what people are saying about the book, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Today is Book Release Day!!

  1. Congratulations Claire. God knows how much cries and tears were made to accomplish here. This is a great milestone to reach. Thanks for being faithful to the world of the Lord. and Thanks to those who especially helped you to see the impossible – be possible. Well done.

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    • Thank you so much Dariush! It has been a rollercoaster ride for sure, but one I was able to stay on through God’s grace and the support of everyone around me. Now let’s pray that this book glorifies God and draws people closer to Him.


  2. You’ve worked so hard to write a book that will show people God the Father’s tenderness and love for them. I’m sure He is smiling down on you right now. In His book The Father Speaks to His Children, He says, “And to you who will work for My glory and commit yourselves to making Me known, honored and loved, I give the assurance that your reward will be great, because I will count everything, even the smallest effort you make, and I will reward you a hundredfold in eternity.” Well done Claire!

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