Being Healed

… And the people all tried to touch Him, because power was coming from Him and healing them all.  Luke 6:19

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I wasn’t born early enough to be a Beatles fan and attend one of their concerts. But we’ve all seen images and video clips of the hordes of people at the stage’s edge, arms outstretched, trying to touch Ringo or John. They were driven by their star-struck wonder – so in love with the Beatles’ music, they needed to physically connect.

Jesus had the same effect on people. When He spoke, it touched them deeply inside. Because of that, they were driven to connect with Him physically. 

In the instance in Luke 6, many of them had diseases or were troubled by impure spirits. Knowing Jesus had the power within Him to heal, they all reached for Him, and all were healed.

I wonder about the “all” of this crowd, though. There had to have been some well people in their midst, people who didn’t have diseases or impure spirits. There had to have been healthy people who helped the lame and the sick make their way to Jesus. But if “all” were healed, they must have “all” had problems too.

Maybe these outwardly well people recognized that their hearts and souls weren’t well. Christ’s light shines so bright, perhaps it illuminated some resentment, guilt or doubt they harbored in their hearts, or it highlighted the doubt and fears that plagued them at night. No matter their state, or what caused it, they recognized the opportunity at hand, and reached for Him. 

In our prayer time, do we reach for Jesus? Or do we just go through the motions, letting distraction and laziness block our connection with Him? 

I believe that if we used our prayer time to get close to Jesus, we’d feel His mighty power, and be changed. He’d heal whatever dis-ease we’ve been feeling, casting out any negative thoughts tucked away in our hearts. No longer anchored in the dark, we’d rise up to His light where we’d experience healing and true joy.

Questions for Reflection:

  • In my prayer time, do I get close to Jesus? Or does distraction block my way?
  • When I have gotten close to Him, what dis-ease has He healed within me?

When we reach for Jesus, He heals the dis-ease within us. #shiftingmyperspective

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