Weaving Us Back Together

You clothed me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews. Job 10:11

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com

One of my roommates in college was a sever diabetic. Consequently, a simple foot injury led to intense surgery. After her return to campus, she asked me to be the one to change the bandages in her foot. I say “in” because every couple of days, I would have to put medicine on a bundle of gauze and literally stuff it inside the large and deep hole in the back of her heel.

I’ve always been squeamish and knew from an early age that I was not called to the medical field. But how could I say no to a friend in need?

In the beginning, it took all I had to not pass out as I pulled the old bandage out of her heel and pushed the new one in. I had to keep my focus on the fact that she wasn’t able to do it herself. I had to help. After doing it a few times, however, I began to look inside her foot and watch what was happening.

I went from repelled to fascinated! The healing process really looked like weaving as the new growth criss-crossed and connected inside her foot. I was in awe of the complexity of our bodies and that God orchestrates it all.

I’ve always been a believer. But had I not been, watching how God wove my friend back to wholeness would have done the trick.

There have been quite a few setbacks in my life recently – within my own nuclear family and my extended one. When facing the news initially, it’s like a blow to the heart, leaving gaping holes everywhere.

I may not have a front row seat to all the healing like I did with my friend’s foot. But I have to trust that God is working His same magic and miracles: criss-crossing hope and grace to weave my loved ones back together so they’re whole and stronger than ever before.

Question for Reflection:

  • When circumstances rip a hole in my heart, do I trust that God will weave me back together?

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