The Best Scavenger Hunt Ever!

Show me the wonder of your great love… Psalm 17:7
9 24 15 012 with word overlay     As Mason was getting ready for school today, he glanced out the window and cried, “Deer!  Mommy!  There are deer across the street!”  I ran downstairs and met him at the front door.  Sure enough, there were three deer on the expanse of lawn across from our house: a mother and her two fawns.  Mason, Jocelyn and I just stood in our doorway in wonder.  We stared at the deer, and the deer stared back.  They were so beautiful, so majestic with their heads held high, their white tails curled up.  It was one of those moments when time stops, the air stands still, and you’re fully present: a holy moment.  After three or four minutes, they gracefully sauntered into the woods.  “Wow,” Mason breathed.  “That was amazing!”
     Some people go their whole lives never seeing a deer out of captivity.  Yet we got to see three, from our front door, on a random Thursday morning, all because Mason took a moment to look up from what he was doing.  It was amazing!

     I’ve been reading a lot of spiritual books lately: Love Does – Discover a Secretly Incredible Life In An Ordinary World by Bob Goff, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, Gracious Goodness by Melannie Svoboda and Doors To The Sacred by Bridget Haase.  The common thread in all of them is the concept of being aware, eyes and heart wide open, to God’s wonders.  He’s performing miracles constantly, but we’re too buried under the drudgery of our daily lives to see or notice.
     My kids have a game called Spot It.  All it is is a deck of round cards with eight different images on each card.  The objective is to “spot” the one item on your card that matches the one item on the center card.  Every time we play, I lose the first two or three rounds.  Kids are just naturally better than adults at seeing things.  Their eyes aren’t clouded by responsibility yet.  Their minds aren’t distracted; they’re far more in the moment than we are.  But you know what?  After practicing for a few rounds, I reach that place where I can tune out the distractions and focus my mind and eyes on the task at hand:  seeing the one item I need to in the midst of all the other images.  That’s when I start winning.
     Similar to focusing my eyes to find the one image I need to, seeing God’s miracles requires that we practice looking for them.  However, the remedy to our blindness is more than just practice; it also includes prayer.
     On the days when I remember to pray, “Show me the wonders of your great love,” and then open my eyes and heart to His promptings, I am always astounded by the amazing things God does in my life.  That’s when I hear and follow that small voice inside that tells me to go to a different grocery store, one that I NEVER go to, yet end up crossing paths there with a friend in tears who is desperate for a word of encouragement and support.  That’s when an email drops into my inbox that answers the exact struggle that I’ve been facing for weeks.  That’s when I bump up against something in God’s creation that stops me in my tracks, humbles me with its beauty, and blesses me with its perfection.
     Spot It, Where’s Waldo, Eye Spy, and Scavenger Hunt are all fun games created for our amusement.  Although watching for miracles can seem like another fun game, it is so much more than that.  It can be a way of life if, on a daily basis, we make the choice to really see and be showered with God’s grace.
     So I challenge you to join me.  Recite Psalm 17:7, then be on the look out.  Not only does this stance of seeking God’s miracles help us to rise above the drudgery, it infuses our daily lives with great wonder, deep awe, and profound gratitude!
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7 thoughts on “The Best Scavenger Hunt Ever!

      • I feel fortunate to READ your quality blog, Claire! I had to post an additional comment to thank you for the book recommendations, too. I am currently reading Love Does, and I was blown away immediately. The forward alone had me in tears, it was so moving. Thank you for introducing me.


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