Three Steps Ahead

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.    Proverbs 16:3

4.11.19 Three Steps Ahead

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With my husband working out of his home office everyday, I come and go with work and kid pick-up, never giving it a second thought. I can because there’s always an adult in the house for my kids. That is, until a few weeks ago when my husband had to travel to Chicago.

I suddenly had to think three steps ahead. Unfortunately, I learned that isn’t enough.

I had created a plan for Thursday that would put me in the right places to get each of my boys. The glitch happened when I realized my plan had my eight-year-old daughter getting off the bus to an empty house. That’s not okay!

Fortunately, I realized it with enough time to shuffle the deck and switch my hours at work to be home for her. But it was a close one.

It seems we’re always having to strategize in life: how to meet our kids’ needs, how to get ahead, how to get it all done so we don’t get buried under the have-to’s. It’s downright exhausting – physically and emotionally.

That’s why it’s such a relief to have a God who requires none of that. In His infinite patience and abounding love, He takes us exactly where we’re at, with as little as we have to offer Him.

He doesn’t require us to have all the answers, get it all done, nor meet His needs. All He wants is our hearts – as empty as they may be.

And when we bring them to Him, He fills them, no questions asked. He pours grace in untold measure into every area of our lives. The only ones who set the limit for where His grace can permeate is us.

When we let down our walls and just receive, we find He does all the heavy lifting. He fortifies us for what lies ahead, reveals just the next step so we don’t feel overwhelmed, and accompanies us as we take that step.

In a world that’s all about having it all figured out, we’re reminded, yet again, that His plan will ALWAYS be infinitely more amazing than anything we could ever dream up. We need to stop planning three steps ahead, questioning always, and simply lean into Him, trusting that all will be revealed in His time.

Questions for Reflection:

     * Do I have a high-need-to-know so I can plan my every move in life?

     * Can I let go of my plan and just lean into His?

4 thoughts on “Three Steps Ahead

    • The funny thing is, Laura, the exact same thing almost happened AGAIN today – just hours after posting this!!! I’m never going to get this juggling act right. Thank goodness God keeps saving me every step of the way! Blessings to you!


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