A State of Being

“Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:27

School vacation week snuck up on us this year. I guess life has been too busy to even see that light at the end of the chaos tunnel. Once my husband and I realized it, we quickly booked a night away at a family resort up north.

We chose this resort because they have an outdoor heated pool, family activities, an arcade, and a restaurant on site. All you have to do is park your car and experience the fun they offer. Or so we thought…

As per the “new normal,” COVID changed everything. Unable to find staff to work, the dining room was closed and there were no family activities. To top things off, the predicted snow flurries turned into a winter storm, making the roads dangerous to travel to go out to dinner. The best we could do was to get a pizza from the shop down the road and spend the night in our room.

But you know what? As I looked around that hotel room at my little family laughing and playing silly games together, I realized outward circumstances don’t matter where love is involved. When we bring our whole hearts and spend quality time together, God and grace are in our midst.

I believe God’s kingdom here on earth isn’t a place; it’s a state of being. No matter our plans going wrong or the obstacles in our path, we can experience it when we let His heart fill the room.

Questions for Reflection:

  • When things don’t go according to plan, do I give up hope, thinking things can’t be redeemed?
  • Have I experienced God showing up in the midst of outer circumstances going wrong, proving that His kingdom exists where our hearts meet His?

No matter our plans going wrong or the obstacles in our path, we can experience God’s kingdom here on earth when we let His heart fill the room. #shiftingmyperspective

4 thoughts on “A State of Being

    • Thanks so much Kathy! I can’t speak personally about how warm the water was because I was the wimp on the side, in three layers and a winter coat, taking pictures. But based on the fact that my kids walked barefoot back to the hotel room, across the snowy parking lot, I think it was so hot it warmed them from the inside out!


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