“If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored.” Job 22:23

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Our mailbox is hanging on by a thread – literally! Somehow, over time, the holes in the granite post grew too large for the bolts that secure it. Our interim fix was to tie the box onto the post with a rope. That “interim” fix is how we’ve left if for over a year.

Consequently, the door to the mailbox is askew and doesn’t always stay closed. During a recent wind storm, I noticed it had blown open. I knew my credit card payment was in there, and I should have gone and re-secured the door, but I was just too darned lazy to do so.

Sure enough, my check never made it to its destination. Somewhere in the woods there’s probably a squirrel who’s lining his nest with my payment while I’m stuck paying a late fee. So goes the cost of laziness.

That same laziness has already made its way into my Lent. Using the winds of busyness as my excuse, I’ve let the door of my good intentions be blown open, and all my plans for how I wanted to prepare my soul before Easter have been whisked away.

I used to be so disciplined and had solid practices and activities I’d do with my kids that centered us all in the purpose of Lent. But like those holes in our granite post, I’ve loosened my hold on those routines so there’s nothing to anchor us to the meaning of these 40 days.

With my kids now 17, 15 and 11, there never seems to be a time when we’re all together anymore. Nonetheless, it’s time to grab some rope, get creative in this new phase of life, and find ways to reconnect us to the corner-post of Lent and life – the only One who keeps us anchored and secure, no matter where the wind tries to blow us.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Have I been faithful to my Lenten practices, giving meaning to these 40 days?
  • Or have I grown lazy and let those practices go by the wayside?
  • If so, what can I do to reclaim Lent and reconnect myself to Him?

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